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Friday, November 18

7:00am PST

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8:30am PST

Critical Awareness of Voice in Academic Writing: Universality and Multiplicity Crescent 'Technologize' Your Grammar Class Eaton Get Students Speaking with Fluency and Confidence! Windsor Rose The Comparative Analysis of Structured In-class Extensive Reading with Unstructured Out-of-class Extensive Reading: College ESL Learners’ Perspectives Brittany 20/20 Vision: Future Planning for the Academic Success of International Students Golden West Common Assessment Initiative: The ESL Assessment Test Royal Palm Salon 1 16 Keys to Teaching ESL Grammar and Vocabulary - TIME & ROOM CHANGE Meeting House - Esquire Bring Your Own Banana Peels: Using Humor to Enliven Your Class Royal Palm Salon 4 Empowering Learners for Success in College, Careers and the Community Hampton Forward Thinking in the Design of Contextualized Idiom Lessons Windsor Re-Embracing Automaticity for Increased Fluency and Intelligibility Sheffield Academic Digital-Media-Based Writing Projects: Perception, Motivation, Importance Meeting House - Sunset Authentic Web 2.0 Project-Based Learning in the Adult ESL Classroom Royal Palm Salon 2 Resurrecting the Past: The Audiolingual Method in the Contemporary Classroom Ascott Spoken English Usage of University Pathway Program Students Outside the Classroom Environment Le Sommet DuoFlow: Teachers and Students Co-Creating Second-Language Vocabulary Learning Royal Palm Salon 3 Enduring and Innovative Methods of Vocabulary Instruction Tiki Pavilion Five User-friendly Apps for the Not-so-user-friendly Cell Phones Meeting House - Sunrise Guilty or Not Guilty?: Using the Podcast 'Serial' in an Advanced ESL Classroom Royal Palm Salon 6 Objective and Reflective Writing For the Workplace Royal Palm Salon 5 Serious Fun: Old School Meets New Media Garden Salon 1 What Happens When Instructors Ask “Why”? The Culture of Resolving Conflict: Connection and Clarity Garden Salon 2

8:50am PST

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9:45am PST

Lessons in the Cloud: Build upon your Online Lesson Plans Royal Palm Salon 4 Burlington English - Career Pathways for All Learners Clarendon Classroom Mixers for Listening, Speaking, Grammar and Vocabulary Le Sommet Stand Out 3e: Critical Thinking in the Adult Education Classroom Brittany Using Actionable Data to Drive Instruction Crescent Idioms, Usage, & Habit: Why Learners Need a Learner’s Dictionary Golden West Successes and Challenges in Regional ESL Collaboration: Tales from the Northern Alameda Consortia Royal Palm Salon 2 Catching Up with the Future: Best Practices for Teaching Hybrid Adult ESL Classes Royal Palm Salon 5 Engaging Learners Through Literature Meeting House - Sunset Equipping Students to Become Autonomous Learners Eaton Four Big Tools to Enhance the Future of Reading Comprehension Tiki Pavilion It’s NOT Raining Cats and Dogs: Teaching Idioms to Millennials Royal Palm Salon 3 Student Photos as Writing Prompts: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Royal Palm Salon 1 Training Teachers to Become Teacher Trainers Windsor Rose ESL Learners’ Perspectives on Extensive Reading and Strategy Use Ascott Innovations in Pronunciation Teaching Hampton The Emergence of Academic Language among Advanced Learners Sheffield Adult Learners Succeed at Work with Integrated Workforce Skills from CALPRO Garden Salon 2 Building Mastery of Verbs for your ESL Students Garden Salon 1 Energize Students with Interactive Assessments Using Computers and Mobile Devices Meeting House - Sunrise From Past De-contextualized Paraphrasing to Future Contextualized Success Royal Palm Salon 6

10:15am PST

11:00am PST

Fun Proofreading with Pinterest Crescent Proactive Paraphrasing Royal Palm Salon 1 Embracing Employment Prep Past and Planning for a WIOA Future Sheffield Communicating on Campus: Introducing English for Academic Purposes - ROOM CHANGE Windsor Launch to Literacy Windsor Rose Motivating Students to Learn Grammar in the Context of Narrative Garden Salon 2 Rhyme and Rhythm - Animal Tales Brittany Embracing the Past--and the Future--in ESL Writing Instruction Golden West From Student to Teacher: Historical Perspectives and Personal Experiences Ascott Designing Outreach Network for Immigrant Integration Exhibit Hall (Grand Hall) Instant Engagement with Instagram Exhibit Hall (Grand Hall) Pragmatic Practices in Assessments, Group Activities, and Homework that Inspire Student Accountability Exhibit Hall (Grand Hall) The Use of Smartphone Applications in Korean College Students’ English Learning Exhibit Hall (Grand Hall) Understanding Immigration in Our Multicultural America Exhibit Hall (Grand Hall) Embracing the Present: Helping Learners Converse Confidently Anywhere Anytime Le Sommet Skill Transfer from On-ground to Online Instruction Royal Palm Salon 3 Teaching Authentic Speaking Skills for Medical Visits: Current and Emerging Approaches Eaton The Magic of Exercise: Improving ELLs’ Learning, Engaging Teachers’ Minds Tiki Pavilion Transition to College -- Two Successful Models From the Classroom Royal Palm Salon 5 Addressing “I hate to read” for Multilingual College Freshmen Garden Salon 1 English Language Globalization: A study of pre- and post-Olympic Brazil Royal Palm Salon 6 Calling on the Expert in the Room with Text Dependent Questions Meeting House - Sunrise Close Reading Strategies for Student Success Hampton Deep, Rich, and Critical Listening Royal Palm Salon 2 Making your Assessments More Authentic Royal Palm Salon 4 Music To My Ears: Grammar Review Through Song 2.0 Meeting House - Sunset

11:20am PST

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12:15pm PST

1:15pm PST

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3:45pm PST

2020 Vision: Clarity to Teach Beginner English Communication Skills Step-by-Step Royal Palm Salon 5 Can Your Students Use the Reading Skills You’ve Taught Them? Brittany Professional Advancement through Online Doctoral, Master & Certification Programs in TESOL Meeting House - Sunset She Built Ships During WW II, a historical novel and workbook for ESL - ROOM CHANGE Le Sommet Smartphone Online Lessons with Video, Music and Games Crescent Teaching a Transitional Learner - The Challenges of C1 Instruction Meeting House - Towne The Value of Practice: Insights from Cognitive Science Clarendon The World is Your Classroom: Teach Abroad with the English Language Fellow Program Royal Palm Salon 3 Using Technologies for Listening in the Digital Age Golden West CATESOL Education Foundation: Making a Difference Windsor Developing a Vocational ESP Curriculum for Low Level Day Laborers Royal Palm Salon 1 Digital vs. Print Reading: Teaching Appropriate Skills for Both Modalities Windsor Rose Revisiting Fun Activities For Beginning ESL Students Tiki Pavilion Student Autonomy through Self-Assessments Royal Palm Salon 6 Dual-listed Credit and Noncredit Community College ESL Royal Palm Salon 2 New General, Academic, and Specialized Word Lists for Vocabulary Teaching Sheffield The Grammar Log: A Curricular Investigation Ascott Back to the Future, Docs! Better Writing with Google Docs Meeting House - Sunrise Gamify Group Discussion with Language Cards Hampton Infusing Workplace Preparation Skills in Beginning-Advanced ESL Classes Garden Salon 1 Low-Tech, Low-Cost Gadgets for Your Pronunciation Toolbox Garden Salon 2 Teach Writing! CALPRO Helps You Prepare Adults to Reach Their Goals Meeting House - Esquire Ten Essential Linked Skills Activities: Shortcuts for Curriculum Design Eaton Transforming Your Classroom By Applying the 'Learning By Doing' Philosophy Royal Palm Salon 4

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