CATESOL 2016 has ended
Thank you for attending CATESOL 2016 in San Diego!

We appreciate your feedback, which we’ll use in planning 2017 in Santa Clara.

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Gene R. Urrutia

Parlier Unified School District
ELA/ELD/Newcomer Instructor
Hi Everyone,
First, thank you so much for signing up for my session or considering it. I know there are a lot of great ones to attend. I really appreciate it, and I hope you are challenged there. Again, thank you. CATESOL has posed the question of, “What should people talk to you about?” If you have questions, I’d be more than happy to attempt to answer them; however, I’m not going to give away too many session details. : )
Well, I have been fortunate to teach adult ESL (all levels), freshman composition at the university level (CSU, Fresno), and high school English. At the high school level, I have been teaching ELA, ELD, and Newcomer classes. I LOVE IT! I have taught adult ESL since 2004; additionally, I have been presenting at CATESOL and other teacher orgs from 2005 to this year. (I’ve provided below a list of my conference session topics). I want to say that last year’s session went really well. I was fortunate to have about twenty-five to thirty teachers in attendance. I OWE CATESOL a BIG, THANK YOU!! I have become a better teacher because of them!
For Saturday’s 8:30am session, we will be working with the four sentence types, a reading text (a big surprise), SAT vocabulary, my classroom white boards, etc., and a lot of YOUR energy because I’ll have mine! Lol. Why? I strongly believe that teaching is very fun!Please post or email me should you have questions, comments, or just to say, “Hi.”

Gene R. Urrutia
I’m co-presenting with Jose Rodriquez on, “DJ Pedagogy: The Power of Music Curriculum in the Classroom.” It’s on Saturday at 3pm on the 4th floor of Santa Monica. Please try to make it!!

CATESOL, Anaheim, December 2018. Presentation: “Dingy or Yacht: Teaching Writing with the Four Sentence Types!
CATESOL, Anaheim, December 2018. Presentation: “DJ Pedagogy: The Power of Music Curriculum in the Classroom.”
CATESOL, Santa Clara, October, 2017. Presentation: “The Sound and the Fury: Make Classroom Reading Engaging!”
CATESOL, Long Beach, April, 2011. Presentation: “Teaching Academic Paragraphs to L1 and L2 learners.”
CATESOL, Santa Clara, April, 2010. Presentation: “Teaching Strategies That Combine Reading Comprehension, Narratives, and Grammar.”
CATESOL, Pasadena, April, 2009. Presentation: “Developing Fluent One-Idea Paragraphs by Classroom Critiquing.”
CATESOL, Fresno, March 2007. Presentation: “Using Vocabulary Strategies to Enhance English Language Learner Fluency.”
CATESOL, San Francisco, April, 2006. Presentation: “Aiding English Language Learner with a Three-Stage Academic Paragraph.”
MEXTESOL, Zacatecas, Mexico, October 2005. Presentation: “Aiding English-Language Learner with the Academic Paragraph.”
CCAE San Diego, 2008. Presentation: “Teaching American Cultural Literacy to ELL and Basic Skills students.”